Pre-Pre IVF Consult




Less than 48 hours away until our Pre-IVF consultation appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist!

Feeling excited, nervous, yet strangely I am feeling ready.

I tend to visualize a lot – about things that I hope to happen or events that are supposed to happen. For me, doing mental “play throughs” in my mind tend to put me at ease before the situation actually happens reducing my anxiety and stress.

Strangely, I have been struggling with visualizing parts of the IVF process..

Particularly, I am having a hard time envisioning my husband giving me daily injections…I just can’t wrap my mind around this piece of the process.

Is there any meaning behind this? Hmmm.

Anyhow..I am beginning my list of questions to ask and review with our Doctor-wanted to reach out to my fellow IF bloggers to see if there is anything I should be asking /discussing with our Doctor this coming Wednesday?


Thoughts are appreciated!




Cycle Number 32: Letting Go of All Expectations

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“I flow freely and lovingly with life. I love myself. I know that only good awaits me at every turn”

I have had this Louis L. Hay card propped on my desk for weeks now and today I am especially taking notice of the words as I near the end of my two week wait.

I allowed my hopes to rise this cycle (32nd cycle since first beginning this journey) due to some strange symptoms that I took notice to a few days post ovulation.

The symptoms I experienced were an array of heartburn, indigestion, backaches, irritability, and lastly a huge bbt dip at 9,10, or 11 dpo.

With each new symptom, came another wave of hope and excitement.

By now, after so many failed cycles with similar symptoms, I should know better than to “symptom spot” but occasionally I allow myself the pleasure of doing just that- and this cycle was one such occasion.

I also divulged in my “happy place” visualizations:

I visualize baby and I taking our daily walk with my pups at our side, I imagine dh, baby and me lounging outside on a soft blanket spread out on our soft green grass..Me pointing out the chirping birds and fluttering butterflies, she giggles and coohs. The feeling of contentment surrounds us and settles peacefully in our souls.

I truly love this part of my cycle where I can dream openly and allow myself a sliver of hope that I actually might be pregnant -right this very second.

But I look back to my Louis L. Hay power thought card and let out a heavy sigh.

As I know my time is almost up and to let this all go.

Release the expectation.

Fold it up like an old cherished love letter and tuck it away in a book on the highest shelf for safe keeping.

Until next time.