Day Six of Stims


Quick update!

Day six of stims and feeling really good.

No bloating, no aches, no bitchiness- just feeling normal. I wonder how long this will last?

The daily injections aren’t terribly bad.. J does the mixing and I do the injecting, we are quite a team I must say.

Along with daily injections, I have also been pretty consistent with my daily meditations that are specific to taking medication and imagining my follicles growing and wow do these help ease my nerves.

The only thing I feel anxious about at the moment is my first baseline ultrasound appointment. I go in on Monday and am praying that I am responding as I should and that we have no unwanted surprises.

36 hours until we find out how my ovaries are responding.

I’ll update soon thereafter!


Pre-IVF Consult


Quick update:

I had my second pre IVF consultation this past week and it looks like we will officially begin our IVF cycle mid October (the cycle after next)!

To summarize both consultations simply:

~My AMH went up to 1.26 from .48 in just seven months-my RE is very happy with the increase! (So am I)

~I will be put on the most aggressive protocol there is due to my DOR diagnosis.

~After my mock transfer I have been coined with an “easy” uterus to work with.

~RE wants to rule out Fragile X gene with a blood test this next coming week.

~ Lastly my husband and I were instructed to start practicing giving injections and were each given needles

He is to practice on an orange and I a pillow.

This is beginning to feel very real to me.

Atlas I feel like this is finally our time.

Pre-Pre IVF Consult




Less than 48 hours away until our Pre-IVF consultation appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist!

Feeling excited, nervous, yet strangely I am feeling ready.

I tend to visualize a lot – about things that I hope to happen or events that are supposed to happen. For me, doing mental “play throughs” in my mind tend to put me at ease before the situation actually happens reducing my anxiety and stress.

Strangely, I have been struggling with visualizing parts of the IVF process..

Particularly, I am having a hard time envisioning my husband giving me daily injections…I just can’t wrap my mind around this piece of the process.

Is there any meaning behind this? Hmmm.

Anyhow..I am beginning my list of questions to ask and review with our Doctor-wanted to reach out to my fellow IF bloggers to see if there is anything I should be asking /discussing with our Doctor this coming Wednesday?


Thoughts are appreciated!