Fertilization Report



I got the call.

Of the 8 eggs retrieved, only 5 were mature.

Of the 5 mature eggs all were ICSI’d.

And of those 5…

3 have fertilized and are developing.



I tried to be strong when I called J with the update just now. My voice quivered, tears streaming down.

We have been on pins and needles all day waiting for this call and I admit we had high hopes of at least four or five to fertilize.

We are still in the game. And all we need is one quality embryo.

Currently, I can’t think of anything else except our three remaining em-babies.

Praying they continue to grow and grow some more..

Continuing to keep the faith at the moment, even though I am trying my hardest not to completely break down.

As of right now we are looking at a day three transfer (Friday) and I’m hanging my hat on that until our next update.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and well wishes- it means the world to me.


The Shift (Towards I-V-F)


It’s time.

I have finally come to terms that IVF is our next step towards creating our little one.

(And also a way to hopefully preserve the eggs that I have left)

DOR (Diminished ovarian reserve) can be so difficult to process because of the sense of urgency that is felt with the prognosis and the fact that Doctors don’t really know how much time you have left to conceive.

Our “Pre-IVF Consult” is scheduled in two weeks where we will review possible protocols, goals, and timelines.

If all goes according to plan, I could be starting our first IVF cycle as soon as October.

Feeling eerily at peace with all of this, almost as if someone has lifted a huge rock off of my chest and I can suddenly breathe deeply again.

More thoughts to come…but for now I am fully accepting our path. Letting it all go and feeling creative and joyful and the most at peace that I have felt in a very long while.