Official Business ~ Cycle Day Fifteen

Today is a really, really good day. For a few reason really, it’s a Friday, the sun is shining, I leave for vacation in T-minus two days and…drum roll please…. I received my cross hairs on my Ovulation chart this morning!  For many of you who are TTC you know the amazing feeling you receive when Ovulation has been confirmed and you receive those magical red lines solidifying the big “O”. For those of you who are not familiar with Fertility Charting, you may be wondering what ‘getting cross hairs” means. Well, let me quickly explain the logistics behind charting and how you achieve your cross hairs. Quite simply:  you track your daily bbt (basal body temperature), CM (cervical mucus), OPK results (negative or positive), and when you and your lover- baby dance. ***No I don’t even call it sex anymore- and yes,  I agree it is creepy that we actually call it a baby dance and not doing the nasty, making love,  or plain old  f$%&*#g.*** Anyhow, you enter this information daily and pay attention to a sustained thermal shift of your bbt reading, normally happens mid cycle. Once you see a sustained shift, followed by two more days of higher temps, ovulation is confirmed. You can either track this manually or in my case, and in my opinion a whole lot more exciting, allow Fertility Friend’s computer software to track and confirm your Ovulation for you. It really does feel like Christmas morning when you enter in your daily information and poof- your chart changes in an instant right before your eyes; colors change, you receive cross hairs, and Walla – you are already 3dpo (three days past ovulation) and in other words three days closer to finding out if you are PREGNANT!

Many of you might be thinking – “geez that seems like a lot of work”  but personally, I love charting my cycles, as I thoroughly enjoy analyzing data and statistics, especially when it has to do with me. 🙂  This process also has allowed me to tune into my body even more now than ever. For instance, this month based on all of my signs, I knew I would O earlier than usual this cycle and in fact I did. For some charting stresses them out, for me it would stress me out even more if I didn’t chart. Bonus for me- I have found that this website ( where I chart, offers a support group full of TTC’ers and this has especially helped me along this long up and down journey of trying to make a baby. Just being able to connect with others going through the same experience as me, it almost feels like a daily therapy session. For those of you who feel isolated in this whole TTC journey, I highly suggest you scout out sites like FertilityFriend or BabyCenter, and hope they help you as they have helped me.

So it is days like this, when all my consistent charting of this new cycle (cycle number 23) has paid off and O is officially confirmed, that I truly feel blessed to be able to know and actually understand what my body is doing.  I have confirmation that she has released a ripe beautiful egg that is hopefully, as I am typing this, meeting up with the other half of our baby (DH sperm) and merging together and burrowing herself  in the deep dark depths of my body where they will hide out and fertilize becoming our rainbow take home baby. Awwwww such a peaceful and harmonious visual.

And thus the “Two Week Wait” begins…

Toodle Roo.

K Sirah Sirah


Special Delivery


No, not that kind of special delivery. But one that us TTC’ers get just as excited about-well almost. Yes friends, a ginormous box arrived on my doorstep  full of OPK’s and HPT’s and as if that weren’t enough a twenty count box of Clearblue Digital OPK’s.. yes the one that gives you a smiley face when it’s positive. Woohooo! My package came yesterday via FedEx and I couldn’t be happier. You see, normally I order my OPK and HPT supply from and this cycle, as I happened to be running dangerously low,  decided to order a special brand called Wondfo from Amazon . All the ladies on Fertility Friend rave about these tests and this month I decided I would see what all the fuss was about and order the new product. Also, me being me,  thinks that trying something new may actually bring me some extra special “baby dust” of some sort.( Yes, I actually believe this )So in a day or two I will break these bad boys open and start my POAS obsession until I O! Awwww I just  love my life. Stay tuned.

Toodle loo.

K Sirah Sirah