41 Weeks plus 5 days & Trying Just Everything!

Our second NST was a success this past Friday in that baby is happy and healthy, however I decided against having my membranes swept and instead opted for my first internal check.

Oh my goodness and wow did that hurt!

And all the pain for nothing as the doctor couldn’t tell me anything as my cervix was too high and the exam was causing me so much pain.. uggg! Then she left the room for a moment, came back in seconds later to wish us good luck and tell us our next appointment would be bright and early at 8 am Tuesday morning at the birthing center for our induction.

Gahhh! That did it… The “I ” word… I lost it!

Even before my appointment I was an emotional wreck, but after finding out the next step medically was induction I about lost my mind. Literally could not catch my breath crying uncontrollably for the rest of the day! I felt defeated- like I did everything I could to get pregnant, then everything I could to support a healthy baby during this pregnancy and now I was scrambling to do everything i could to get him to come out because I’m nearing 42 week deadline!

Once again I find myself in a predicament and am researching and trying natural methods before medical intervention takes place. I’ve been walking like crazy, eating dates, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking EPO, bouncing on my birth ball, sex, nipple stimulation ( even tried out my breast pump!), and of course talking to baby boy, praying, and meditating…it’s now Sunday morning at 4:30 am and no contractions what so ever!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some successful contractions this past week, and a few strong ones-but nothing consistent enough to begin labor.

Tomorrow Ill try acupuncture and if nothing still within 48 hours from now I will prepare myself mentally for a successful induction that allows me to birth our miracle child( the one in my dreams and now in my womb, our child of God) safely in our arms and nothing less.



6 thoughts on “41 Weeks plus 5 days & Trying Just Everything!

  1. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that your little guy decides to come all on his own. But it’s good to be prepared just in case. Maybe needles will do the trick!

  2. Prenatal massage (with her hitting the right trigger points) worked for me! Actually the day I went into labor I had the massage, sex, and did nipple stimulation. And pineapple. Pineapple is the only thing I regret. Good luck!

  3. I hope LO came all by himself, but if not, best of luck for a wonderful induction and birth experience today! My birth experience wasn’t at all what I had envisioned this time, but at the end of the day, all that matters is they’re here, safe and healthy!

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