17 Weeks & Officially Popped!

birds 1

The rain is coming down outside my window and the birds are chasing one another in dizzying circles and fluttering about like it’s the first day of spring. They are loving this rain as much as I am and their chirps sound like songs of celebration bringing a smile to my face on this welcomed rainy yet gloomy day. Everything is in full bloom and there are gushes of whites and pinks and vibrant greens everywhere and is quite lovely to look at especially in the gloom. All the new growth around me matches the growth inside me –and I could not be any happier.   


Just finally finished another maddening 8 week term at school and I’m coming up for air once again.  I decided to add a dual emphasis on my major meaning I will have 3 additional classes to take before baby arrives. Actually, the last class will go through the end of August and my due date is early August-so technically I will be finishing school with a newborn. I’m not even thinking about “how I will do this” instead I just keep telling myself “I can do it” and I believe I can- and then I wonder if this is the ‘super woman’ feeling that comes over pregnant women? All the added hormones cursing through our blood making us feel like we can do it all and some? Will I wake up one day soon and ask myself – “what have I done?” Oh well-no time to think of that now!


On another note I am 17 weeks pregnant and I cannot believe how fast the time is going…I just want to s-l-o-w everything down and enjoy each and every moment of this pregnancy. That is why I have decided to add the pregnancy questionnaire to my blog and do my best to update weekly with a picture and all. I just want to remember this very special pregnancy  experience especially since it may be my last.


So here I go:

 How far along: 17 weeks & baby is the size of an onion

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained a whopping 12 pounds! (All belly-oh and a little booty too)

Maternity clothes: Oh yes! Luckily I live in a colder climate and have been wearing maternity leggings nearly every day since Christmas as they were a gift from hubby. Then last week I went online and bought a few outfits and staples from H &M’s maternity department and I am feeling set until spring /summer.

Stretch marks: Not yet… but I am just waiting as I already have them from puberty.

Sleep: So far so good, a few weeks ago I had a few nights of insomnia, but I am blaming school and my new job; not baby. Also, not needing naps as often now.

Best moment last week: Feeling my little one move!

Movement:  Oh yes- and I absolutely love the feeling and its’ been stopping me in my tracks at the utter amazement of a being growing inside me.

Food cravings: So now that my nausea and morning sickness have officially passed (as of about 2 weeks ago) I am able to eat more foods and lately I have been loving Chick-fil-A original sandwich smothered in ranch and buffalo sauce- oh and I tried their fresh squeezed lemonade the other day and fell in love and have a constant craving for it now. Mmmm. Lemonade.


Aversions: Still no garlic or marinara sauce please!

Mood/Energy:  Feeling wonderful! Energy is up and I have been a bit more active during the day and less naps. We even went to a friend’s birthday party last night and I stayed out until nearly 11:00!

Belly button: In- but stretched out so you can see a huge hole when I have a tight shirt on…interesting.

Gender: Find out soon, everyone is saying girl including me. We shall see!

What I miss: Hot Yoga. I crave my yoga. I have been thinking about going back and just hanging out in the back and doing some poses…but I am still scared of doing anything to hurt baby.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender of baby R. (Two weeks or so-need to schedule the appointment asap)  oh & designing the nursery.

Milestones: “Popping” and finally looking pregnant & Feeling the baby move!

Bump Picture:

17 weeks


10 thoughts on “17 Weeks & Officially Popped!

  1. Look at that bump! I was also worried about stretch marks because I have them all over my hips, thighs, and butt from puberty, but so far (at 35 weeks!) not a one on my belly. I guess I shouldn’t speak too soon–I’m sure there’s still time. Feeling movement is so amazing and exciting! I’m so happy you’re getting to experience it! Oh, and now I’m craving Chick-fil-A lemonade!

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