Egg Retrieval Day

while anemones
(White Anemones: Hope, Anticipation, Expectation)

Wonderful news! My egg retrieval went off without a hitch and with no complications.

I felt prepared and relaxed on my way to our early morning appointment and my hubby and I even listened to Howard Stern to take my mind off things. We figured a little laughter before surgery would be a good thing.

When I arrived I was the only one in the waiting room and they swiftly brought me back to the surgery room where I was instructed to get undressed and put on a gown that was about three sizes too big for me. My hubby walked in shortly thereafter and had a premonition that I was pregnant- let’s take that as a sign! I then snuggled into a warm bed with a heating blanket to rest before going into the operating room.

This felt wonderful.

Until the insertion of the IV began…Ugh.

After the nurse struggled with my IV for what seemed like ten minutes, she finally called over the anesthesiologist who thankfully came to my rescue and took over. He was successful within minutes and told me I was ready for my “very strong mimosa” and it was officially go time.

I kissed my hubby for good luck and walked into the operating room. I quickly hoisted myself up on the bed and slipped my feet into position.

One minute I was leaning back on the bed and the next I was out cold.

Then what seemed like minutes later I was sitting in a recovery bed and talking with the sweet nurse who had been by my side all morning long. And that’s when I finally got my number.



Now, to most IVF’ers that number is low, and I get that, but to me..The number is not only more than we were hoping for, but 8 is a magical and strong number in itself, so to me that number is exactly what we needed.

Soon thereafter Dr. S was by my side talking to me about how well everything went, how pleasantly surprised he was that he retrieved 8 eggs when Sunday he was thinking he would only obtain 4 or 5.

We of course don’t know how mature the 8 eggs are as of yet, but tomorrow (hopefully morning) we will find out our fertilization report.

Oh and depending on how things go…he may be opting for a 5 day transfer instead of a 3 day transfer as previously planned.

So… off to continue to rest on my couch with my super cuddly lap doggies who have given me nothing but love all day.

Praying our little one is in the making and will be safely inside me soon enough.


11 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval Day

  1. I’m so happy for you that it went well and you got more than you were expecting! Fingers crossed one of those 8 is just waiting to snuggle in for a good, long time!

  2. I am just catching up on your blog while I am on bed rest from ET, but 8 is amazing and look at where you are now! I cried tears of joy when they told me they retrieved 9. It’s the small little victories that mean the most. xo

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