Stim Check Number Three & Four &… Trigger!

peonie 2

The good news is that we are moving forward with egg retrieval tomorrow November 12. Stim check number three (Fridays’ appointment) warranted that I extend stimming for two additional days as my follicles were still taking their sweet time growing.

Yesterdays stim check revealed that I had a few close to mature follicles and a few that were lagging behind and was instructed to triggered last night, which I promptly completed at 8:00 pm.

Not really sure about exact measurements of my follicles but as of yesterday a rough estimate is:

Right ovary: 6 follicles two 18 mm, one 17 mm, and the others smaller
Left ovary: 2 follicles one 18 mm, and the other smaller

Dr. S wanted to see my follicles a little more mature by this stage, but did not want to stimm me any further as he said that he would rather have slightly immature eggs verses over mature eggs.

Makes sense to me.

He said that my uterine lining looked (get ready for this)… “Beautiful”. His comment made me feel so good (it’s the little things that make you feel good during all of this craziness) and he told me that all my E2 levels were right on track.

So honestly, at this point of my IVF journey, I am feeling pretty serene, calm and relaxed. I am ready for my egg retrieval and am taking it extra easy today. I even decided to make a big batch of chicken enchiladas so that I have some comfort food tonight and tomorrow for after retrieval.

Continuing to pray and trust in God’s plan and surrounding myself in my protective bubble full of grace and faith.

Until tomorrow…


14 thoughts on “Stim Check Number Three & Four &… Trigger!

  1. Yay! That sounds like a great stim check… And 11/12 is a perfect date for a retrieval… I will be thinking of you 🙂 Also, I had to laugh about your doctor calling your lining “beautiful” – it’s sort of funny the things that we NEVER thought we’d hear or WANT to hear… xoxo

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