Stim Check Number Two: Slow & Steady

Better numbers on my birthday!

Righty Ovary: 6 follicles 4 measuring around 12 mm and 2 around 7 mm

Left Ovary: 3 follicles 2 measuring around 12 mm and 1 around 6 or 7 mm

With another few follicles that Dr. S hopes will be measurable at Friday’s appointment.

Again my lining looked great-and Dr. S is happy with how things have progressed thus far.

Slow and Steady.

This means however that our egg retrieval has been pushed from Sunday to either Monday or Tuesday of next week and that I needed to order more meds.

At the moment, I’m just happy that we are continuing to move forward with this cycle and that I continue to feel quite well despite being pumped full of fertility medicine.

The only hard part so far has been the emotional roller coaster relating to appointments and the unknowingness of how this cycle will turn out. This has been difficult for both J and I, but we are hanging in there.

As for our next appointment, I am praying we see a larger count of follicles tomorrow as I believe this ultrasound will foretell the actual number of eggs that Dr. S will hope to be able to retrieve. I am not even letting my mind go towards statistics. I won’t. I am in a protective bubble thinking only positive and good feelings.

So until tomorrow-Ciao!

Ps. Thanks to my adorable hubby I got to blow out two birthday candles last night on my lovely carrot cake and I made one very important wish!


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