Stim Check Number One


The outcome after being on stimulation meds for 5 days is as follows:

Right Ovary: 4 follicles all measuring about 7 mm

Left Ovary: 2 follicles all measuring about 7 mm

The ultra sound was super quick and Dr. S didn’t seem concerned with getting exact measurements for each follicle, instead he just clumped their sizes all together in the 7mm range.

According to Dr. S-my uterine lining looked great; follicles are maturing at about the same pace and I am responding as he had expected I would.

Then why did I leave feeling slightly defeated?

Being that this is my first cycle, I really don’t know how I should be responding.

Is this good? Bad? Indifferent?

Right after my ultrasound I met with my sweet nurse, whom reminded me while she was taking my blood for E2 levels, that it is quality over quantity.

I smiled at the reminder as “Quality vs. Quantity”  has pretty much been my motto for this whole IVF process.

After all the excitement of our early morning stim check appointment, and a second mid morning appointment with a client I decided I needed some “me” time. Soon thereafter, I found myself driving to my favorite nursery so that I could carouse the plant and tree isles aimlessly in peace and quiet. I even picked up a few shrubs and grasses for my side yard project that we are about to start.

Oh –and as an early birthday gift to myself, I bought a camellia plant which I have been eyeing for a long time.

I chose a camellia plant that had tons of bulbs ready to burst with color… I chose pink flowers, becuase I love the softness that pink brings to a yard full of greenery.

These are going to be so  pretty don’t you think…


Well, my next stim check appointment is Wednesday November 6, and this happens to  also be my 33 rd birthday.

Praying my birthday wish comes true once and for all!


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