Day Six of Stims


Quick update!

Day six of stims and feeling really good.

No bloating, no aches, no bitchiness- just feeling normal. I wonder how long this will last?

The daily injections aren’t terribly bad.. J does the mixing and I do the injecting, we are quite a team I must say.

Along with daily injections, I have also been pretty consistent with my daily meditations that are specific to taking medication and imagining my follicles growing and wow do these help ease my nerves.

The only thing I feel anxious about at the moment is my first baseline ultrasound appointment. I go in on Monday and am praying that I am responding as I should and that we have no unwanted surprises.

36 hours until we find out how my ovaries are responding.

I’ll update soon thereafter!


8 thoughts on “Day Six of Stims

  1. Just read your blog today and realized that you sent an email to me earlier this week. I didn’t see an email at all so I hope that you sent it to the correct address? Please, please let me know if you have any questions. I think you might have my phone number. Otherwise just send me an email through bigtent. I have been sending nothing but positive thoughts and prayers for you. You and your husband have been on my mind so much!

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