Rose Colored Glasses


Seven days past ovulation today.

Which means that I am exactly seven days away from starting our IVF cycle.

Why do I feel so calm then?

And eerily calm.

Like I am in a dream of some sort looking at everything through rose colored glasses.

I presume this outlook is normal since it’s my first cycle and my naive stance of being a “first time IVF’er”  is working to my benefit.

Additionally, I am that eternal optimist that a lot of people may find annoying.  I’ll use it to my advantage.

eternal optimist
1. A person who never ceases to give up hope in something they believe.

2. A person who will continue to believe in something or a positive outcome till the end of time.

I’ve rehearsed the “play through” of how this IVF cycle will turn out, for what seems like a gazillion times, and I admit mine has a happy ending; our healthy rainbow take home baby.

Nothing less.






8 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses

  1. I wish you all the best with your first IVF cycle. I have just gone through my first IVF and I am on the 2WW. This is where I am feeling nervous and anxious but I am being optimistic and trying not to stress out. The first blood work is next week Wednesday.

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