Pre-Pre IVF Consult




Less than 48 hours away until our Pre-IVF consultation appointment with our Reproductive Endocrinologist!

Feeling excited, nervous, yet strangely I am feeling ready.

I tend to visualize a lot – about things that I hope to happen or events that are supposed to happen. For me, doing mental “play throughs” in my mind tend to put me at ease before the situation actually happens reducing my anxiety and stress.

Strangely, I have been struggling with visualizing parts of the IVF process..

Particularly, I am having a hard time envisioning my husband giving me daily injections…I just can’t wrap my mind around this piece of the process.

Is there any meaning behind this? Hmmm.

Anyhow..I am beginning my list of questions to ask and review with our Doctor-wanted to reach out to my fellow IF bloggers to see if there is anything I should be asking /discussing with our Doctor this coming Wednesday?


Thoughts are appreciated!




2 thoughts on “Pre-Pre IVF Consult

  1. Make a list and tick them off one by one. Ask about side effects of the stimulation drugs, water and diet particularly. Ask how many follicles they’re aiming for. I gave the shots to myself, hubbie just not up for that. But if your man is, make it a little “fun” ritual between you and it won’t seem so bad! Humour best medicine. If I think of sonething else I’ll get back to you. Your first IVF is nearly always trial and error, the doctors learn from it how your body reacts to the stimulants as everyone reacts differently. And no cycle is ever the same. Positive vibes to you!

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