Special Message


Surrounded by a room full of mothers today.

Both young and old, some pregnant, some even holding newborn babies.

All joined for one purpose; to celebrate and “shower” a wonderful and amazing new mother.

I met this person over a year ago in a support group for infertility. She has walked in my shoes, endured loss and suffering, persevered and now she’s a new mom.

I stopped attending baby showers a long time ago as they are simply too difficult for me to endure, but today’s was different, and I wanted to be there for my courageous friend.

I looked to the beaming new mother in awe and admiration.

I saw her unwavering faith, gratitude, and strength.

Seeing her in this light, knowing that she has walked a similar fertility challenged path, and now seeing her on the other side as a proud mamma gives me nothing but  strength and determination.

I left the shower with a feeling of empowerment, of lightness, and hope.

Just the message my soul needed on this beautiful day.


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