The Little Things in Life


How is it possible that I still become excited when I see that pretty little smiley face?

One would think after so many depressing failed cycles –that seeing a positive OPK would do nothing to lift my psyche.

But this is entirely not true!

Does anyone else in my shoes feel this wave of excitement upon seeing a positive OPK?

I think this temporary (but welcomed) brain fog must have something to do with my estrogen filled body or maybe due to the tiny endorphins flooding through me signaling that ovulation is near

Whatever the reason I am happy to be filled once more with hopeful possibilities of creating our love child and all because of a tiny little digital face smiling back at me


7 thoughts on “The Little Things in Life

  1. Yes most definitely! I grin from ear to ear and jump around the house in excitement. I always yell down the stairs to my husband, “Sweety, I got my :)!” To me, it’s like the only thing positive for one day out of the month. It’s a day that gives me a sense of hope.

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