Fifteen Again

Bronzed taught legs in short shorts

Long brown hair falling loosely around shoulders; wild and frizzy

Freckle filled face free of makeup except for a little dab of mascara covering my long lashes

Spring is here and everything has blossomed

The morning air at school has an intoxicating ripe aroma of teenage hormones mixed with sweet and salty sweat

Pungent and earthy

Making one aware of others in an inviting and exciting new way

Reacting to an innocent smile from the opposite sex

 Heart skips a beat

Feeling alive – giddy- powerful

The buzz of Friday night upon us

Possibilities for new experiences of love, boys, and self

The innocence and sweetness of it all

Oh to be fifteen again


4 thoughts on “Fifteen Again

  1. So evocative and so true. Even though I managed to hang onto that innnocence and sweetness for a long time, I feel like this IF/loss journey has robbed me of the last vestiges of that. I’m trying to find a new kind of sweetness in the very new men though. Thanks for sharing.

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