I bought myself flowers yesterday…

I bought myself flowers yesterday.

It’s true.

Crushed orange-colored ones, the most vibrant of all the roses that filled the flower bucket at Fresh Market. I admit that I buy flowers for myself more often than not, but yesterdays flowers were bought for a few reasons:
■The holidays are almost over
■and I survived
■ I signed up for a yoga membership
■and actually attended two classes – two days in a row
■ because I am not pregnant (It’s official-I started my cycle) uggg
■ Which means that I am officially going in for surgery in twenty-six days
■and becuase I am approaching my two-year anniversary of my miscarriage…babyless and pregnantless…

Yes, I admit..feeling a little low these past few days…

And flowers are my saving grace at times like this, the soft delicate petals wrapped around each other… captivating-really. The tropical color to brighten up this cold December day… The freshness.. the innocence.


Yes, I needed them.

Maybe I  have a holiday hangover? Is there such a thing? I didn’t even drink last night and yet the fogginess is there… and when I go outside there is a quietness, a calmness…but almost eery. Holiday hangover- I suppose.

Looking forward to heading out of dodge tomorrow with just my hubby and I.. going to a remote lodge with a cozy room with a fireplace and view of the Sierra Nevada snow covered mountains… I will spend the next few days rejuvenating my spirit and reflecting on my amazing year.. and making plans for what’s to come…oh and drinking champagne of course.

And since I will be tucked away in some far removed mountain town for the next few days, trying to unplug from the world… I will go ahead and wish you all a very-very Happy and Healthy New Years a few days early.

May this next year be as beautiful as you wish it to be…



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