Prince William and Kate


The very day that Prince William and Kate announce their baby news, I am greeted with the start of my 29th cycle since first trying to conceive.


Why am I so very affected by others and their baby news? Why does it make me feel so- so very low?


I mean I can understand being affected by a friend or acquaintance who shares their happy news but Prince William and Kate? Really? Oh I feel pathetic at times like these…


Prince William and Kate are worlds away from me and never in a million years would I ever have the chance to meet them, and yet their baby announcement feels like a swift kick in the gut.


How do I overcome these waves of depression and nausea at the mere inkling of a baby announcement? When will I ever be able to swoon in glee with the news and feel happy and excited for the expecting couple like I used to.. like the old me would have felt. When?


I know the answer, and it doesn’t make me feel any better at the moment. I will feel better when I have my own baby announcement to share…but in the meantime coping with these baby announcements is not getting any easier, in fact, it just continues to get harder.

Cycle day one… beautiful Kate announcing her wonderful news… and another Christmas for me with no baby announcement of my own.

kate pregnant

Ugggg….Pity party for one please.



7 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate

  1. I felt the same way after finding out the news. I felt more low when I found out that Jessica Simpson was pregnant again. Geez, when is it our turn for crying out loud.

  2. Oh Sarah and Retha, I know how both of you feel. I feel horrible with the news and then feel bad for feeling bad. When will it be our turn?

  3. I can relate. I admit I sighed when I heard the news today. Even though it’s been 15 years since my husband and I first dealt with infertility (and we’ve since adopted 4 wonderful children!), the pain certainly lessens but, for me, it never goes away for good. Hang in there. It will be OK. You will have your bundle of joy, just not on your own preferred timeline unfortunately. Try to stay positive.

    • Julie,

      Thank you for the encouragement.. and congrats on your beautiful family. I need to keep reminding myself that this baby/ these babies.. are on their own agenda.. not mine. 🙂

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