Uterine Polyp Update

November is nearly over and I desperately need to give a quick update

 as I left you on the hook last post……

To recap, nearly two weeks ago, I was heading in for a watersonogram to investigate my uterine polyp…

At my appointment, my RE performed a quick U/S right before the procedure and we were both able to see the small nugget of a polyp quite clearly

Actually the small polyp looked larger than I had expected it to be

Good news no watersonogram procedure needed that day

Bad news surgery to remove polyp scheduled for January 25 2013

Good news 99% sure the polyp is benign

Bad news my RE wants me on birth control pills for January’s cycle

Good news the polyp that is most likely getting in the way of my female parts and their female functions

will be removed in a few short months (two to be exact)

Bad news this surgery date puts DH and I out another three cycles before we have a fair shot of conceiving a baby

Good news –In the meantime we’ll keep on “trying”

Desptite the many setbacks of this journey

I am and will continue to be an eternal optimist

and besides

without hope, what does one have anyway?



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