IUI on a Sunday

Well as it turned out,  this cycle, I ended up getting my positive OPK on a Saturday which in turn, meant that I would need to have my IUI performed on a Sunday.

This was a true blessing.

For one, Sunday’s are quiet and calm by nature,  and this calm, relaxed and peaceful feeling is how I felt before my appointment.  For two, my body and mind felt prepared and ready.

This time around, felt different. Better. Calmer.

I believe it also helped that I knew what to expect this go around. We knew the “drill”.  And the fear of the unknown was gone.

Also, that I didn’t tell anyone that I was having it done that day. No texts or calls or follow ups. No pressure. Just peace.

Another thing that helped this time was that I was able to sit in my car prior to my appointment, windows rolled down with the cool morning air blowing through and listen to spa radio on Pandora. Again peace. Relaxation.

Oh and- this time I made sure that I used my lavender eye mask infused with rosemary oil from Croatia. Yes, there I was before, during and after the procedure inhaling the relaxing scent deeply while visualizing my body doing exactly what it needed to do. Making a B-A-B-Y.

I also visualized what our child would look like. I kept seeing a little girl. With big brown eyes. It was lovely.

After the procedure, back at home, DH and I said a special prayer and lit our prayer candle that will continue to burn for a few more days. (The potential  implantation phase)

And now we wait.

And hope.

And pray. Lots.

Cycle number twenty five… please let this be our time.



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