Blue Moon

Today is CD13 and here I am gearing up to O.


This cycle I am feeling rather relaxed.

Too relaxed? Maybe.

But I don’t care.

I just want to be free from ovulation tests and bbt thermometers and planning things around BD. And because I can’t be free from these things, I decided that this cycle, I would  be a tad bit more carefree instead. One thing for sure, we are not having as much crazy timed sex as usual , but I am OK with it- plenty of people conceive from having sex once in a Blue Moon ( for instance our best friends can prove this- one roll in the hay a little less than a year ago and today they are caring for a little cute 8 week old! )Just like that. One time. Baby.

And this month I am feeling more quality and  not quantity and am rolling with that, at least for the moment, anyway.

Oh and it just so happens to be a Blue Moon this month.


*Out of all the millions of pictures online of a Blue Moon, this one jumped out at me- seems appropriate right?*

**Oh and for those of you who don’t know what a Blue Moon is: “According to modern folklore, a Blue Moon is the second full moon of a calendar month.” First one was August 1 and second one is August 31- pretty cool. **

Wonder if Blue Moons’ have anything to do with increasing one’s Fertility???? Lets’ just assume – and go with YES.

Ok- so currently I am  POAS both morning and night, waiting for my OPK to smile back at me so that I can call  my doctors’ office and make  my appointment for my  “el natural” IUI. Thought it might be today, but I got negatives. And so we wait another day…. And relax. And hope. And with the advice of others… stay positive. And not obsess. And stop trying. And look into adoption and…yes, here I am doing all of those things and of course most of all, and in my mind the most important, I am praying – praying with my everything that this cycle * Cycle number 25*  is our lucky month that we conceive our healthy take home rainbow baby.

Blue Moon and all.





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