Pinning the Old Fashioned Way


We all know the recent craze about Pinterest.


“Pinterest this and Pinterest that”


I admit, that it took me a while to see what all the fuss was about,  friends, clients, even my sister—prompting and prodding me until finally one day I explored Pinterest. At the time, I was trying to salvage a beautiful antique fireplace mantel to fit my current fireplace and needed some ideas to help figure out the stone around the fireplace. My sister, whom I was speaking with on the phone at the time, said enough all ready- log into Pinterest- you will get a 1000 ideas and some. So there I was creating a Pinterest account, and moving through pages upon pages, quickly and furiously getting inspired with each new page. Gorgeous fireplace mantels, beautiful pink hues of paint, peonies in milk glass vases, crystal chandeliers that screamed “take me I am yours” you name it-and it was there. I felt.. what do you say.. “pinterested”. Ahhh finally, I found myself in the so called ‘Pinterest time warp” I mean- I couldn’t log off, I kept navigating from page to page, with each new page-creating a new idea to search.  I realized that this might be a problem,  and sadly,  I soon came to find out that the time warp wasn’t my only issue with Pinterest.


The real problem arose, when I realized that my Pinterest account automatically connected to my Facebook account, and everything that I “pinned”  on my board- would be seen by all of my Facebook friends. This stopped my Pinterest craze dead in it’s’ tracks.


You see, I am somewhat of a private person, and although I enjoy sharing some things with people, I do not like to over share. And I feel like Facebook, at times (ok most of the time) allows others to overshare.


And some.


I am sure you know what I am talking.  And this is so not me.  So, although I love-love the concept of Pinterest. Until the Facebook-Pinterest relationship dissolves, I came up with a personal solution to fulfill my Pinterest desire.

I created….

Wait for it….


My very own -real life sized- Pinterest wall! (And I admit my love affair with my new wall began immediately)


So far my themes are: Fabrics, Le Jardin, Things that make me Happy, Vintage/French Furniture, & Objects of Desire.  It will be a work in progress, but already by me manually “pinning” a few of these themed cutouts on my wall, and looking at my inspirational quotes, pictures of chintz fabrics, chandeliers and lavender rows- I am feeling inspired and happy! And instead of having to log in to a website, to view all of my ideas, and blasting other people with my loves, I just need to (from my desk) tilt my head a little to the left and stare- at any given moment with no computer! Ahhhhhh much easier. This simple, yet effective solution brings me such peace and inspiration.


Will I ever get back on the Pinterest train? Maybe- or maybe not, but in the meantime, I will enjoy my very own ‘old fashioned” pinning wall- and yes, I will be “happy pinning” Thank you very much.






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