Updated – The List

Ok. So it has been about two weeks since my original post about my “List” of things to do before the end of summer. (Just can’t seem to get away from this two-week theme) Anyhow, I am feeling really good today. Centered. Clear. Positive. A good day for an update of my list and  I am happy to announce that I have completed and/ or started well over half of the items.  For me this is quite an accomplishment, as this time last year, it would have been a miracle for me to have completed even one of these items. Happy and thankful to say,  that I have come a long way baby!


1) Start up yoga again

Update: Started up two weeks ago and absolutely loving every class. Each yoga session offers me a chance to experience an open-eyed meditation and visualize love, life, and light in and around me. 

 2) Finish reading 50 shades of Grey

Update: Finally! I finished this book, not sure why, but the end of the book kept dragging on.. think I’ll wait on the other two for now. May be  a little bit 50 Shades out at the moment.

3) And maybe complete the trilogy

Update: see above

4)  Start mini makeover in my hall bathroom

Update:  I have only pulled out 3 drawers in my bathroom vanity, and still need to unscrew the cabinets and start the sanding, priming, and painting. But I started!

5) J heart S (special time with my hubby- LOTS!)

Update: This ones’ easy. Yes, we have had lots of this… feel very connected to my DH right now. Feels oh so nice!

6) Continue blogging

Update: Two more posts since writing  “The List” more to come!

7) Learn how to make homemade Salsa with my veggies from my garden

Update: Made two batches of the most delicious salsa, could only use fresh cilantro and jalapeno from my garden, as the tomatoes are still green. But salsa turned out delish!

8) Girls Napa Trip

Update: Leaving in 3 1/2 days. Really looking forward to some girlfriend bonding time.

9) Attend a local Resolve Meeting

Update: Did not make meeting, had a required “date night” with hubby, but am corresponding with other members online, which feels so wonderful to belong to a local group of women going through the same infertility journey as me. It’s crazy how you start to bond with women whom you’ve never met, but support one another just the same.

10) Master Instagram

Update: still on my “to do” list

11) Go to a Giants baseball game

Update: still waiting on this one!

12) Close my last escrow that I have been working on since January

Update: CLOSED!!! Yahooo- this was the single hardest escrow I have ever worked on, and now my client is a happy new homeowner of two houses on 20 beautiful acres!

14) Land an amazing new job!

Update: Not yet.  Thinking I will change this to “land an interview” or even “land a return email or phone call. ” I knew the job market was tough, but I am finding that even getting one foot in the door seems to be a challenge . Argggg

and lastly

15) Plan an overnight camping trip with my DH and our two little dogs

Update: My dad is actually planning a late August camping trip, so most likely we will go up for one night! Fun! And I got out of the planning part! Campfire stories and Smores- here we come! 


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