The List

Feeling inspired at the moment. A few days ago, not so much. Not sure what happens emotionally to me during the first few days of a new cycle…I have been  living my life in two-week increments for such a long time now that ones’ mind (mine) starts playing tricks on you. At first sight of the witch, I feel angry, mad, sad, depressed,  jealous, frustrated and well sometimes like a complete and utter failure, both as a woman and a wife. Then as a few days pass by, I start to feel a second wind, and I get filled with a sudden bursts of energy filled with inspiration and hope. Ideas start pouring in faster than I can remember them, so this month I decided to jot down a few of these ideas on a “to do “list . We are, of course, approaching the last phase of summer and this act just seems timely.

I title my list simply:

July/ August 2012

Start up yoga again (I used to do Bikram yoga, but want to try a new style and have a yoga studio already in mind)

Finish reading 50 shades of Grey (Yes, this book has captured my interest, but I find I can only read it in the comfort of my own home, those of you who have read this understand)

And maybe complete the trilogy…  (because I can )

Start mini makeover in my hall bathroom (I completed my guest bath with the help of my Dad a few months ago and it turned out –beautiful!)

J heart S (special time with my hubby- LOTS!)

Continue blogging (really am enjoying this and feels a bit healing)

Learn how to make homemade Salsa with my veggies from my garden (this makes me think of Seinfeld when he says ” S-a-l-s-a” over and over)

Girls Napa Trip (already planned, hoping I would have been the DD but-nope!)

Attend a local Resolve Meeting (and maybe make a new friend or two)

Master Instagram  (sadly, these things take me awhile)

Go to a Giants baseball game (so I can wear my Buster Posey t-shirt – finally!)

Close my last escrow that I have been working on since January (would prefer if this occurred in July not August, I think my client would appreciate this too)

Land an amazing new job! (been looking for the past 3 months)

Plan an overnight camping trip with my DH and our two little dogs (notice I wrote plan and not attend- baby steps with this one!)

Phew! That is quite the list, but oh my goodness- am I inspired!

Oh and bonus! maybe just maybe during all these wonderful experiences we will make our rainbow thb!

A girl can dream, right?

What is on your “to do’ list for the remaining days of summer 2012?


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