The Embryo

Sharing one of my favorite poems today.

I stumbled upon this poem while reading a chapter in one  of my favorite TTC fertility books:  “The Infertility Cure” by Randine Lewis. The chapter is titled  “How to Take Control of Your Fertility”

I actually read this simple and profound poem a few times a week and during all parts of my cycle because it brings me such peace and clarity. Not only about how life begins inside of us but also about the wonders of the world and all the depth that exists within each morsel of life.

The soft words both ground me and lift me up, bring a smile to lips, and peace in my heart. I even wrote out the poem on lovely card stock and have it perched on my desk, so that I can view it daily as needed.

Sometimes the words of a poem, book, or quote just leap off the paper and into your heart forever. I can honestly say this happened to me with this poem and I am forever grateful, thus I am sharing with you.


Randine Lewis writes:

The Persian mystic poet Rumi once wrote:


When the time comes for the embryo
to receive the spirit of life,
at that time the sun begins to help.
The embryo is brought into movement,
for the sun quickens it with spirit.

From the other stars this embryo
received only an impression,
until the sun shone upon it.
How did it become connected
with the shining sun in the womb?

By ways hidden from our senses:
the way whereby gold is nourished,
the way a common stone becomes a
and the ruby red,
the way fruit is ripened,
and the way courage comes
to one distraught
with fear.

– translated by Kabir and Camille Helminski


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