Special Delivery


No, not that kind of special delivery. But one that us TTC’ers get just as excited about-well almost. Yes friends, a ginormous box arrived on my doorstep  full of OPK’s and HPT’s and as if that weren’t enough a twenty count box of Clearblue Digital OPK’s.. yes the one that gives you a smiley face when it’s positive. Woohooo! My package came yesterday via FedEx and I couldn’t be happier. You see, normally I order my OPK and HPT supply from early-pregnancy-tests.com and this cycle, as I happened to be running dangerously low,  decided to order a special brand called Wondfo from Amazon . All the ladies on Fertility Friend rave about these tests and this month I decided I would see what all the fuss was about and order the new product. Also, me being me,  thinks that trying something new may actually bring me some extra special “baby dust” of some sort.( Yes, I actually believe this )So in a day or two I will break these bad boys open and start my POAS obsession until I O! Awwww I just  love my life. Stay tuned.

Toodle loo.

K Sirah Sirah


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