Day after Summer Solstice =New Beginnings= Blog Number One

Welcome to my blog about Life, Love, Fertility/Infertility and Flowers. I thought to myself this morning on my daily walk, what a perfect day to start a blog; the day after Summer Solstice -a new season which offers hope and new beginnings. At the moment I am nearing the two year mark of TTC (trying to conceive) and despite my usual positive outlook on life, things are starting to look bleak. I am still trying to keep a positive spirit about my TTC journey, but lately it is becoming increasingly more difficult.

A little about me: I am 31 years of age, have wanted children ever since I can remember,  have been married to my wonderful husband/best friend/lover since 2008, have two adorable little pups, and am on month number 23 of TTC journey since “officially” starting to try. I have had one pregnancy thus far (November 2010) resulting in a miscarriage at 9.5 weeks ( January 2011), and have been officially diagnosed with unexplained infertility by a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I will save my opinion and feelings about unexplained infertility for another post.. because I really really despise those two words and cringe that I am even using them in my blog, but that is me in a nutshell.

Today I am on  CD 7  of a usual 27-29 day cycle, no POS (peeing on a stick) today, as this is the end of AF (Aunt Flow) and the possibilities of this cycle bringing us our THB (take home baby) are starting to resonate within my soul, and hopeful, fresh, and fertile thoughts are forming in my mind as my body begins to  gear up to O. (No, not what you think, not  the big O as in Orgasm but as in O-V-U-L-A-T-E )  See how your priorities shift when you are on month of 23 of timed intercourse and trying to make a baby??? But you know even with all this TTC madness, as I look outside my window and see the trees rustling in the wind and the blue summer sky,  Yes-I can say summer now since it is the day after summer solstice, I have to admit that I have a pretty damn good feeling about this cycle… maybe because it’s a new season, or that I ordered new OPK’s from a different website, or that I started this blog.. but just feeling really hopeful.

What you can expect from my blogs; for the most part rants and raves about my day to day experiences with Life, Love, Fertility/Infertility and Flowers. You may be asking why flowers? For one-they bring me instant happiness, the vibrance, the freshness, the color – they just deliver. For two- I felt that they needed to be included in my blog that will include ramblings about infertility, I feel it is a way to counterbalance the word I despise the most and add a sweet essence to an emotional topic that is so personal to me.

And that my friends is my first blog. More to come. Lots more. Stay tuned.


K Sirah Sirah


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